Monday, 6 April 2015

Sunday Instagram Catch-up - Cats, Shoes, Cats, Baking, Cats... Scenery

This is a beer coaster we picked up in our UK travels from Melton Mowbrey
Pub called Anne of Cleaves with some of the building dated back to 1327..
Anne, Henry VIII wife, was gifted the property in the divorce.

There's a hole in the coaster you stick your bent finger into to make a bum!

Bought this little beauty from Spongedrop Cakery on Salisbury St, Mt Maunganui
She's a Lemon Cheescake Cupcake. SO. AMAZEBALLS.

Took this picture of the Mount after purchasing my cupcake
The water is so blue! Doesn't feel like Autumn.

Had a new ceiling fan installed - Norman the Cat is a little unsure of it
Read: he HATES it.

New knobs on the desk in my painting room
They're faux crystal darhling.

Let us end the adventure on this ridiculously foodgasmey 
Blueberry and Raspberry Scone

Seriously Gudz Fudz

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Happy Easter all.

♥ Paula Shoe Fiend.