Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Shoesday Tuesday = Shoesday. Selling some - MORE!! - shoes on Trademe, New Zealands own Ebay

These boots are to die  look at the acrylic heels!
But theyre a tad too small to be comfortable...
and they make me AN INSANELY TALL PERSON.


Bought both these pairs of shoes online 
While I love them both, the heels are INSANE

If you could take an inch off the height I would wear the Sh*t out of these shoes
Love the blue croc!

These pretties were an online job from +Wild Pair 
I actually emailed head office when they disappeared off their site

The heel/arch is very high so I just wear them when I know I wont be walking a lot!

I am slowly learning my lesson with online shopping.
Bags are good, Nail polishes, eyeshadows...
but not so much things you need to try on
and I know there are returns - but who can be bothered with that?
Answer: I should.

♥ Paula Shoe Fiend.