Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Shoesday Tuesday = SHOESDAY. Paula is officially off-loading.

A girl really can have too many shoes...

Just mailed these puppies away today

In addition to re-organizing my Wardrobe/closet I am selling some SHOES
I love the look of these sandals... but never wore them :-/

You may be asking "WHY PAULA?"
Why would I want to sell any of my collection?
To answer that simply: Causes I don't wear them!
 These ones just closed yesterday. Only wore them out ONCE
 These blush sandals were my first feedback ever - nailed it

Tried to offload these girls twice - think I may want too much for them
but I'm not willing to sell them too cheap!!

I'm loving these little ladies fro ASOS... Might have to replenish the stock I've lost.
Those are Koosh balls on the front!

♥  ♥  

Happy Shoesday All!

♥ Paula Shoe Fiend.