Monday, 16 March 2015

Instagram Catch up Sunday - Catstagram, foodporn, Shoes shoes SHOES

This picture - I just can't... stop... laughing. HIS FACE!
Old Norman, we sort of adopted him, he showed up one day and didn't ever go "home"

 Went shopping and popped into the pet shop and HAD to take a picture.
I feel sorry for petshop kittens, so happy together and they're going to be separated #sook

I'm Selling some shoes on (NZ's own EBAY)
So sad to see these girls go!

Went down to the beach and made a friend. I call him Mocha
Because I was drinking a mocha AND he's brown.
Not a stray kitteh though, just a friendly local.

Finished my "Pawn. Buy. Sell" Hammy this week.
He goes with another Hammy outside a posh bakery window. 

This was a #throwbackthursday to an older Hammy I did last year.
He's a biggie - 18x24 inches

This is the final reveal of my Cityscape of Auckland City, New Zealand
From Harold's 22nd Floor Stamford Hotel Residences 

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I love Instagram because you can go back in time and see a snap shot of your life at the time.

Happy Sunday All

♥ Paula Shoe Fiend.