Thursday, 12 March 2015

Closet/Wardrobe Organization - Part 2: Necklaces/accessories - Pinterest Inspired organizing

To the left: I've built my own cork-board organizer for my more tangle-y pieces
On the Right: I bought a necklace holder to hang all my chain pieces.

I have some others organized in these cute little origami boxes that I made.

 A few more in my dresser along with my rings, brooches and GHD's

More origami Boxes store my Bangles, Lipsticks, Lip glosses and Handcream.

The Boxes are super simple to make once you learn - search it on YOUTUBE
I make them all the time for home baking gifts.

How do you guys organize your treasures?

Next Time: Closet organization - all the non-clothing things, like pursed and hats!

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