Friday, 27 February 2015

Casual Friday - In the weird world of consumer goods... Cat Tapestry coats and other assorted BACON merchandise

Cats, cats and MORE CATS

Do you guys get into Etsy? I did an image search for blanket coats and Etsy came up, thought I'd check it out.... and found these *ahem* coats.

I am also somewhat fascinated by the prevalence of Bacon products... that don't actually contain ANY BACON... like, you can get a COFFIN in a rasher print!

"Accouterments Bacon Air Freshener":

  • Take that great bacon smell everywhere you go
  • 4" tall air freshener
  • Comes with string for hanging

HURRY - Only one left on Amazon

Why Accouterments? Weird name for a company that sells air freshener... almost like they're trying to sound fancier...?

If Air freshener is'nt going far enough... how about something slightly different?

Coffee. Maple glazed Bacon topped DONUT. Bacon DEODERANT.
Why not go the whole hog* with a BACON SCENTED PILLOW CASE...
*Pun intended.

Let me know if you guys buy the cat coat - I would but i'm just not sure how I could style it...

Maybe I could get my Norman Screen-printed on a t-shirt?

Happy Friday everyone

♥ Paula Shoe Fiend.

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