Thursday, 25 April 2013

Shopping in East London.

So London is such a shopping MECCA - I've decided to break it up into zones.  Today's, Eeest Lahndahn #phonetically spelt (East London)

Vintage stores are INSANE in East London - and to be exact Brick Lane and surrounding Streets.
OMG the shoes - these are all just size 6!


<< Handbags FOREVER

Blitz is apparently London's BIGGEST vintage store!  It's on two levels and a total must have for any vintage fashion lover.  Quite expensive if you ask me, a pair of 90's era Ferregamo Flats will set you back 60 pound - which might seem a bargain if you factor in a new pair could set you back 400 pound but not so great if you think of all the people that might have pounded the pavement in those shoes - starting to look like not such a bargain.  I think vintage stores are savvy now to all the designer labels so I don't think you will find any Chanel or Hermes bargains around, but if you're after the perfect denim jacket or some divinely soft vintage leather you will definitely find a few candidates here.  With all the high street chain stores seemingly selling all the same stuff it's quite nice to find something a little different, you definitely get that with vintage plus your stuff has a great lived in feel and interesting smell >: D And people can't steal your style - cause chances are it's a one off, this is why we love DIY too.

On my way through the streets I came across a temporary store set up selling Designer samples and end of season pieces at ridiculously slashed prices.  It was a pound to get in and you had to check your jacket and bag at the door so I couldn't take any pictures - but it was Immense!  There was clothing by Matthew Williamson, Marc Jacobs, See by Chloe, Splendid, Equipment... Shoes by Miu Miu, Ferregamo, Fendi, Rupert Sanderson - I didn't even go near the bags so afraid was I that I would drop my last dime on a Bayswater or something else on my Lust-list.  The changing room was just a big room with clothing racks and big mirrors - anything you wanted to try on your had to do in front of everyone else in there - to deter shoplifting I guess.
But what did you buy Paula?

TheSWEETEST pink Ombre shirt - Both Goldie London - And a black Sheer embellished shirt
I've been looking for AGES for the perfect black sheer shirt - and now I HAVE ONE!
 I took this in Scotland for my Instagram

Brick Lane is also well known for its 5 Million curry restaurants.  We went for a meal in one but were none too impressed, I think it's a bit too much of a tourist thing now so it's over priced and there's better curry to be found elsewhere >:(
Here I go talking about food again - I took this photo of the window of one Indian food Supermarket.  Look at all the Samosas #drools.
As I was taking this picture a dude walked right in front of the shot - he's probably not used to people instagraming everything they see - I try to keep my eyes open and just take the odd snap - but when you go back later and look through all your snaps Instagram really illustrates perfectly the scene you captured in that moment - even more so than a regular digital snapshot.
Street art down Brick Lane way, you can see the faintest hint of snow in this picture. Snow is mega hard to capture, it doesn't show up in pictures unless there's a buttload of it and it was snowing quite a bit that day!

♥ Paula Shoe Fiend.

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