Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Joanne Stoker for Dune


So as soon as I saw these sandals in this weeks Look Magazine (UK) I was in LOVE!  
They're Joanne Stoker for Dune, a UK high street brand.  Joanne has quite the shoe pedigree having worked for Matthew Williamson and Jimmy Choo.
I've been on the Dune website but I can't find them!  Thanks to for all the pictures.  So I can't leave you with a link, but I'm thinking... why buy when I can DIY?
I've experimented with DIY on two pairs of shoes previously
I found the process endlessly enjoyable - more so than wearing the end result!
End Result of my shoe DIY.

Was thinking of maybe using these girls - think they could do with a little more neon and glitter...?
Although I am a fan of the suede on these shoes...
Joannes sketches.

Dunes promotional photos for the collection
This bag is actually a potential DIY as well...
All pictures are from A London blogger I came across in my search for information on Joanne Stokers collection for Dune.

What do you think of the collection?