Friday, 4 October 2013

Casual Friday - The Tale of how a 'little look around town' turned into a full on Shopping Spree.

So we've moved to a new city: Tauranga in the Bay of Plenty (I'm not kidding, that's the name of the province, we also have a poverty bay) not being familiar with the shops I held off on my normal shopping sojourns. I am somewhat of a solo shopper as I like to fondle and scrutinize to such an extent as to make any companions suicidal.
That's fine, I tend to buy odd things when I have company - does anyone else do that?
Buy weird things around your friends?
When I left the house I had no intention of going this crazy
but I guess that's what shopping deprivation will do to you!

 First Stop: Glassons.

Paisley Jacket, Monochrome skirt and some plain ol' black skinnies.
This Skirt is so cool - has a zip all the way up the front and it's Monochrome.
Biker Style Jacket in Colorful Paisley!
Neon belts - sweet

Next Stop: Pagani

 Monochrome geometric prints, lace and bling
Lace was all over the catwalks for Spring Summer 2014
This top is a satiny material with leather shoulder detail - so now.

  And then: JustJeans
Don't be fooled by the name - they sell a lot more than jeans!

I'm addicted to shirts at the moment - I've bought 5 in a few months :-/
Bead detail on the pocket and collar - plus it's black and white #monochrome and sheer

 ♥ Quick Look in: Farmers (NZ's version of Selfridges)

Couldn't decide if I needed these heels - so I took a pic for posterity,
turns out I don't love them, even if they're only $20 so I left with nothing #phew
I did however purchase these cute flats with belt detail from Hannah's.

 I then went to Music Works and bought replacement strings for my Bass... 
but yall don't need to see that ;-)

♥ Lastly: Posti+

                     They sell these Klean Kolor nailpolishes: Neon yellow, purple and orange
                              (they've been around longer than Kardashian Krap)
              They're really good!!  And only 2 for $8!!  I am nothing if not a bargain hunter.

 Both necklaces I bought on this particular trip ended up a DIY project involving nail polish
This blue necklace is formally bo-ring:
 But not anymore - Tutorial Here
This ones my FAV - see how I did it here

Actually I spoiled the DIY surprise already here with my Instagraming

Have you guys been shopping lately?

Also! I've been thinking about doing some outfit posts
what do you guys prefer/use - Chictopia, Pose, Fashiolista?
Tell me in the comments if you use any of these :-D

♥ Paula Shoe Fiend.