Sunday, 1 September 2013

Instaweek - 26.08 - 1.09

Whats new peeps?
  Today I'm sharing some of my Instagram snaps with you all.
You would be forgiven for thinking I only take pictures of food (mainly because I do)
but when other exciting things are going on I sometimes snap those too :-P
Just showing off my delish' chealsea bun...
Mini Neon Nail Polishes
 New season Smashbox - Fade to Black #lusthave
 Baking last Monday - We've got: Choc drop Shortbread, Almond fingers and Spice crisps.
Stay tuned for the Sunday Baking recipes.
 Studs, Zebra and Houndstooth #printmixing. 
 Using bright colours when the weather is pants.
 View from our livivng room - the water was so still it's reflecting like glass!
My friends miniature foxies: Ginny and Max - hogging the heating.
What Pair to choose - it's hard #firstworldproblems
Random Dog showed up to guard our house!  Look at his little face.
His owner used to live here so he came to visit - he was one cranky dog.
Outfit planning - Went with the Pink Pumps ;-)
Lusting after stuff in magazines again :-/
 Playing one of my records from Camden Market on Dad's insane Hifi system.
#KingCrimson - Neil and Jack and me.
Good song

Do you guys get into Instagram?
I only follow like, 20 people - so leave your instagram handle and if I like your sh*t I'll follow.
Happy snapping!

♥ Paula Shoe Fiend.

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