Wednesday, 14 August 2013

New Things in Nottingham

Home of Robin Hood

What is Nottingham famous for?
Robin Hood of course!  Steal from the rich to give to the poor - great strategy.
Below: Statue of Robin Hood outside Nottingham castle.
I LOVED Nottingham - a north eastern city in The UK - perhaps often overlooked by most, but super friendly, great shopping AND - The Oldest Pub In The UK!!  Take that!
This is a multiple-screen independent movie theater in the city called Broadway.  They show independent as well as block buster films.  This is one of the screen rooms complete with full bar and tables so you can sit, eat, drink and chill.  The night this photo was taken 'Eurovision' song contest was on so that's what's playing on the screen.
Historic Pub - the Malt Cross. Nev' our Nottingham tour guide had one insane Hot choc here - seriously good, was topped with a whole mountain of freshly whipped cream, choc sauce and crushed 'Maltesers'!
Imagine this place in the roaring 20's
I bought some new necklaces in Newlook's sales as I thought I can pull them apart and maybe do a necklace DIY - what do you think?
Love the neon safety pins.
Some of the jewels are falling off this one :-/
They have this meme painted on the roof as you head down the escalator.
I had to snap a pic for my instagram - #shoeheaven @Newlook.
Neon-snake Clutch and shimmery orange polish - H&M
Scarf - Blue Banana
Wallet - New Look.  I've bought 3,000 accessories in this watermelon hue lately!
Street artist - Just workin' away at his pieces.
And above you see the oldest pub in England and allegedly the oldest pub in the WORLD! Nottingham is built on Sandstone - a very pliable rock - and the city sits atop many caves and passageways.  This pub itself is built backwards into the rock behind it - where the castle sits on top.  Established 1189, it's where the knights met before leaving for their crusade to Jerusalem - hence the name of the pub "Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem" Depending on where you sit on the religion fence you may think they should have just stayed in the pub and shelved the whole crusade.

Did you enjoy the trip around Nottingham?
Have you ever been?
Until  next time...

♥ Paula Shoe Fiend.