Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Shoesday 23.07.13 - Masterclass: Pierre Hardy

So everyone knows Manolo Blahnik (crotchety old man that seems to rage against any form of publicity and wants to be left alone - fair enough*) and Christian Louboutin (fame whore who seems generally to love women if not to slightly torture them too.  Likes toe cleavage*) but today we focus on Pierre Hardy.  Any good shoe lover should know him - if not for his eponymous label then for all the awesome work he's done for other labels... DIOR, Hermes, Balenciaga. Hardy is more concerned by design and architecture than fashion trends - now let us bring the shoegasm:
All pic's from pierrehardy.com and are from 13/14 collections

Do we ♥ Hardy?
Do you have an inspirational shoe designer?

*My unexpert opinion formed in 5 seconds from reading 1.5 interviews - but an opinion all the same...

♥ Paula Shoe Fiend.

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