Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Shoesday 25.06.2013 - Muffinonline

For the next few Shoesday's I'm going to introduce you to some unique shoe boutiques that are knocking around in Cyberspace.

Who doesn't love a pair of beat up Converse - how awesome are these!?
These guys started as two friends customizing Converse shoes in their garage.
Each pair takes about 6 hours to finish.
 If you've got a spare pair you could try your own or you could hit up their website and let them take care of the hard yards ;-)
If you prefer Nike's
I NEED these ;-)

Have I inspired you to take to your sneakers with a glue gun and studs?

Just so you know - this is not a sponsored post.  I just thought this site was so awesome that I had to share - Happy Shoesday everyone!

<3 Paula Shoe Fiend

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