Sunday, 9 June 2013

Nail Art - Tools of the trade.

OK, so I'm not really a trained nail Artist #misleading but I do like to adorn my nails more intricately than the average sane person...
And to do so one needs some implements and a buttload of nail polish >:D
The More colours the more different looks you can do 
<< Spring Nails

Glitter, 4 way Nail file, cuticle trimmer, Nail Polish remover (this Quik remover is AWESOME I picked it up randomly at Boots and its great for glitter which normally takes forever to get off)

Glitter nail polish = MUST HAVE.  Added right before the clear top coat and it'll make the polish last longer - doesn't chip as fast - like pebble dashing a house ;-)

 Dont Forget East Egg Nails- Tutorial Here
This is my Nail Polishes back in NZ - lonely in a storage unit
We will be united soon my pretties!

Got any ideas for my next Manicureal adventure?

♥ Paula Shoe Fiend.

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