Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Shoesday 7.05.13

For Shoesday today I thought I would do a glory piece in reverence to my ever growing sisterhood of shoes!
Feast your eyes!
The photo quality is crappy - but I'm having issues with Blogger and almost decided to throw it in the too hard basket! *I've swapped from mozilla to Chrome :-/
Sorry about the photo quality - the following pics are ones I took before I left NZ ;-)

 I bought these brown sandals to do a Jimmy Choo inspired DIY - I still may #watchthisspace

These shoes are total Louis Vuitton rip offs - but ther were beautiful...
so I HAD to have them.
All my shoes are trapped in this antique china cabinet :-(
back in NZ, Poor babies!  Mummy misses you ;-)
Aren't these girls DIVINE?  I didn't bring them due to their leather-suede properties
- not so good in the rainy UK!
Hope you enjoyed Shoesday
feel free to send me a pic of your collection or a link to your blog :-D
♥ Paula Shoe Fiend
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