Sunday, 3 June 2012

My day of Necklace D.I.Y.

Went to 'Spotlight' today to buy some stuff to make my own necklaces after being inspired by Geneva at a pair - and a spare: and thought I'd give it a go.
But the store had a LAME selection of stock (they didn't have any silver chain) and what they did have was real expensive!  But I did'nt give up, no.  I came home and ripped apart some old necklaces I never wear any more and made 2 better ones!  Well you may disagree. Also for the past week I've been painting these old necklaces with nail polish as I never wear them and thought I'd have a go.  Take a look...

Take two old necklaces you never wear - and add nailpolish!!!

Just paint a boring old necklace a few coats of nailpolish and voila!!
 My 2 new necklaces:
Safety pins and pearls: #TomBinns