Tuesday, 12 June 2012

A few of my favourite things

I tell myself I don't need to buy anything else... and then I find something cute and find myself having to make room for it!  I hope nobody else is inflicted with this terrible compulsion :O
My divine new "Roc Australia" leopard print cut out booties #swoon

I bought this plate for $3 at a second hand store!  Too cute.  I'm in love with the Mor range of cosmetics
this is the Lichee flower handcream and perfume oil and the Marshmallow parfum (it smells delicious...
whenever you get a whiff throughout the day it's like freshly baked cookies.  The tree in the background
is a jewellery holder - but it's too small to be practical so I just use it for decoration - think I might paint it
bright magenta pink!

The doors to my wardrobe - I painted them myself.  I just painted
onto big sheets of paper and stuck them onto the doors, if I get sick of
them I can rip them down and start again  :D

My Bedside table.  It was plain wood that I painted white all over then added the green on the draws
I painted the decoration myself - it looks like wallpaper.  The shoe is a ceramic cellphone holder
I painted myself - the heel is red lacquer, like a true Louboutin!

My fishies - I paint fishes all the time.
I start any painting and it ends up a
fish painting!!!  #facepalm

My cupcake.  It's a ceramic piece
 - again - that I painted myself.

Redcurrant Haul - Redcurrant is the best store in Hamilton
if all the other stores in town burned down it would be ok
if redcurrant was still standing - just kidding - where
would I buy my shoes?
I - like everyone else it seems is obsessed with instagr.am
this is a necklace I made from a whole bunch of other necklaces


  1. great shoes! :)


    1. Thanks!! They're crazy comfy. Everyone should have a pair