Friday, 31 January 2020

Downsizing - culling any things I like but don't LOVE as there is no room! Moving to Australia

So much stuff, so little time....


Until very recently (we're talking two years?) I've been a maximalist, buy buy buy, not considering the practicality of said purchases and definitely not thinking about the environment or people making the stuff I was buying. All that's changed now, I've done numerous culls of my things, clothing, shoes (SOO many SHOES) household decor items....

But now we're MOVING TO AUSTRALIA it's getting serious, as in we gotta cull anything we don't absolutely LOVE - there's room to store a small amount with my sister as she lives on a farm and has an attic - but we're talking bare essentials people, like my Granna's tea set I inherited:

These tea cups are TINY - like espresso or nothing.

This was the shoe situation I was working with.
I've kept 4 pairs from this, keep your eyes peeled from my shoe capsule.

All of this is either sold and gone or soon to be.
It's really varied what people are interested to buy and what they're not bothered by.

Are you super jealous of all this stuff I have to sell? It's not that bad really, once we can see the floor we'll know we're almost there!

Have you considered down sizing?
Do you collect things only for them to sit there looking back at you?

Let's chat in the comments.

♥ Paula Shoe Fiend.